3 Mistakes You Make so People Leave Your Site

No matter what they tell you, maintaining a website is difficult. If you want to make it visible, and your visitors not leave it in less than 15 seconds, you need to think about a lot of things.

The clicking myth has also been busted – which means that people do not read what they like or share on Facebook or Twitter or other social media platforms and they do not actually drive traffic towards your website, explains the Wizard of Moz in the last Whiteboard Friday video.

Many business owners think that inviting people to the party (that is, your website) is enough, but just like with parties – unless there are good things to stay for, such as people, food and booze – your guests are going to hit the road. You need to enable them to want to stay.

Here’s what you should stop doing if you want to be a good host and make people stay at your website.

  1. Repetitive content

Different people like different kind of content, so not everybody will like to have a good read or watch a How To video. People have different backgrounds and want different things, so if you offer them monotonous content – they won’t stay.

Your customers want interaction, responsive design and all kinds of content – varying from expert advice, to inforgaphics, photos, blog posts, even funny dog videos. You need to enable them to leave their thoughts about the content – especially if it is intriguing enough and fires their engines up. Encourage them to leave comments, add their own posts and send your feedback via polls, customer reviews and personal experience photo gallery uploads.

Give them what they want, which is, in fact, – diversity.

  1. Bad navigation

Even if your website has a million pages and is positioned high on the search engine, if your BUY button is not well-positioned, your efforts are all in vain. You need to allow them to see your services clearly and get an instant access to buying the product or service directly, without having to wander through three to four pages.

In order to correct this mistake, kindly ask one of your friends to click through the site quickly and tell you their impressions on the accessibility of your website. When you get their feedback, make sure to have a clear idea of what they were bothered with. Separate the Register option from all other things, and allow them to find the Buy button easily.

  1. No connectivity buttons

If you want people to want to stay on your website, you can employ reverse psychology on them. Limiting your content to registered usery only can work as an incentive for your (potential) customers – what they cannot get easily, they are going to want more. The problem can be that people will not be so eager to give you their personal information, so you can offer them great content.

There is another plus side of registration – you will be able to create a mailing list and send them newsletter on promotions, special offers for registered users exclusively, and even get feedback about the quality of your service.

Make sure to add your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Behance) onto all of your landing pages as well as easy access buttons. If you are not sure how to do it, you can ask respected professionals to can help you with onpage SEO.

And if you have anything to add, please leave your comment in the section below!


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