Interview: Jessie Hartland and Telling the Story of Steve Jobs

Here’s this guy, this rebel, this iconoclast. He dropped out of college after only one semester. And then he takes a calligraphy class. He starts a little company in his parent’s garage with Woz and it grew to become the world’s most powerful company. It’s just amazing. Who wouldn’t want to know more about him?

— Jessie Hartland

Source: Interview: Jessie Hartland and Telling the Story of Steve Jobs


3 Mistakes You Make so People Leave Your Site

No matter what they tell you, maintaining a website is difficult. If you want to make it visible, and your visitors not leave it in less than 15 seconds, you need to think about a lot of things.

The clicking myth has also been busted – which means that people do not read what they like or share on Facebook or Twitter or other social media platforms and they do not actually drive traffic towards your website, explains the Wizard of Moz in the last Whiteboard Friday video.

Many business owners think that inviting people to the party (that is, your website) is enough, but just like with parties – unless there are good things to stay for, such as people, food and booze – your guests are going to hit the road. You need to enable them to want to stay.

Here’s what you should stop doing if you want to be a good host and make people stay at your website. Continue reading “3 Mistakes You Make so People Leave Your Site”