How to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

I’ve found this great article about productivity and working remotely, do check it out!

It’s part-amusing, part-infuriating to read articles about remote work productivity that talks about transforming your work area at home into an office-like cubicle. This type of how-to articles mostly implies that the only way to be productive while working remotely is to mimic an office ambiance at home or wherever you are. While having your own work area or nook at home helps in establishing an effective work from home or wherever strategy, it isn’t the solution to everything.

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7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Easily

Once you have made that start-up dream true, and your line of products looks perfect, you probably noticed that something is not going quite right. “Where are my customers?”, you may be asking yourself.

Since you have probably figured out that big customers are not going to come on their own, you are then going to have to find a way to reach them and showcase your services. Internet marketing is the easiest and cheapest way you can achieve your goals.

So keep reading and you will find out about 7 easy ways of boosting your website traffic. Continue reading “7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Easily”

Great news for those who grew up during the 90s!

Happy, happy; joy joy!

I’m overwhelmed with happiness! The first curious thing from the web will be a thing which took me back to my childhood. If you are like me, that is, one of the people who’d actually had a childhood, with the fun and games and dirt and everything included, then you’ve probably spent hours in front of the Nickelodeon channel, watching your (our) favourite cartoons.

“Okay, I did, but why is that important now? Have you lost the calendar? The 90s are over. It’s 2015, for God’s sakes!”, you’re probably grumping.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don’t run before you can walk, and listen to what’s actually going on. Continue reading “Great news for those who grew up during the 90s!”